Learn all about Web3, the next era of the web

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs — Web3 is here, but it requires a new set of skills and tools. Don’t just follow the hype in the news — learn the foundational principles, master the necessary tools and engage in a secure way.

Learn the basics of Web3 with no prior knowledge required

Web3 and the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies can feel like a big mystery when you don’t understand the underlying principles and technologies. Sure, you can speculate on Bitcoin or bet on that new NFT collection by trusting a platform to manage it for you. But wouldn’t you rather look beneath the surface and learn how to securely own your piece of the future web without relying on centralized vendors?

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Altcoins, Smart Contracts, NFTs, DAOs, ENS – Web3 is evolving fast.

After covering the foundation of cryptography and blockchain technology, The Web3 Book will teach you the most prevalent use cases of Web3. Starting with cryptocurrencies and the basics of buying, storing and securing them, as well as covering more advanced applications like Smart Contracts, NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and ENS (Ethereum Name Service).

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Packed with valuable knowledge

The best way to learn about Web3

I work hard to make The Web3 Book as engaging as possible and offer you a choice of different modes of reading, learning, and interacting.

Read as a book

Read The Web3 Book on your favorite eBook reader (Kindle, iPad, ...). The book is provided as PDF, ePUB, and Kindle file.

Use the interactive web app

You can also consume the content using a web app, which uses interactive elements to let you explore the subject matter.

Engage in the community

Join the associated community to engage with others that are on the same learning path as you, discuss questions, and connect.

Track your progress

See which content you have already studied, the interactive elements you’ve experienced and milestones you’ve achieved.

Experience Web3*

Use the sandbox to follow guided lessons to create transactions, send coins and mint NFTs without the need to spend real money.

Join live Q&A sessions*

Join regular live Q&A sessions with the author to ask questions, give feedback, and discuss new Web3 developments.

* included in Advanced Edition only

Selection of technologies and tools covered in The Web3 Book